Course details

Sakura course

Sakura course

15,120 yen

Service charge 10%

The commitment material of Ginza Crab Mitsu. Hair crab · Special Yamagata beef · Seasonal Japanese cuisine. It is a great deals tasting all.

Course menu

【Supplementary】 Heisei

【Bowl】 Tailoring

【Buying】 Akagi Aleuri Koumu wife Various mountain auction

【Boiled Crab】 Loose Hairy Crab Crab Miso

【Grilled things】 Tabara-baked crab

【Dishes】 Yamagata beef steak (ribulose)

【Meal】 Hair crab and Karaki chazuke

[Sweets] Rinsei Mochi

2019/01/07 update