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Active hair crab course "Maple (maple) 15,660 yen in" "Pine (Matsu) 18,360 yen large"

Active hair crab course "Maple (maple) 15,660 yen in" "Pine (Matsu) 18,360 yen large"

15,660 yen ~

Service charge 10% separately.

■ Active hair crab course (price is divided by the size of crab)

We will offer live hair crabs ordered from each fishing port in Hokkaido according to the season. After you visit our shop, we pick up the hair crab from the fish preserve, it will take cooking after showing it. 【Washing (making)】 【boiled crab】 【Charcoal grilling (shellfish)】 【meal】 and served in various recipes.

Washing ... It is making. It is an elegant taste that can be tasted only with lively hair crabs.

Boil ... standard. You can enjoy the original flavor of active hair crabs. We will offer you to relax and eat easily.

Takara Bono ... take off the boiled crab and eat it with crab miso and grilled with charcoal fire. The fragrance and umami are exquisite.

Enjoy deep umami and elegant taste unique to live crab. Please enjoy it with the kaiseki dish.

Course menu

【Appetizer】 Front Eight Dimensions

【Bowl】 Tailoring

【Build】 Activated hair crab wash Akai shell wife various mountain auction

【Boiled Crab】 Activated hair crab

【Charcoal grilling】 Activated hair crabs shellfish

【Meal】 Hair crab and Karaki chazuke

【Sweets】 Italian jelly lotus root rice cake

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